Promoting Health and Wellness

Promoting Health and Wellness


My Story


My MELT journey started when I was looking for my own pain relief.  I did not want to take medicines to ease my chronic pain due to C3-C4 and L4-L5 discs displacement.  It’s ironic because I dispense medicine everyday at my day-job as a pharmacist.  I was so amazed at how MELT alleviated my pain that I went to train with the creator, Sue Hitzmann, in New York City.  I am very excited to share what I’ve learned and to raise awareness of this missing piece to self-care.  Opiate addiction is a national crisis and as a healthcare provider I have an ethical responsibility to share my knowledge and experience.  

Find me if you want to learn how to develop and enrich your own self-care practice.

My mission is to teach you how to live Pain Free naturally.

                                                                           -Amanda Yue, PharmD, MELT Instructor