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Promoting Health and Wellness

Promoting Health and WellnessPromoting Health and Wellness

TRANSform Autoimmune Disease Naturally


I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in 1999, but my autoimmune disease symptoms started way back in high school.  I remembered having hair loss and stomach issues during my junior year.  Over the years, the psoriasis and IBS symptoms got worse.  I tried SCD, FODMAP, and a few other natural treatments without success.  I was only interested in finding the root cause to my psoriasis, but what I found through Dr. Maggie Yu and her team blew my mind! 

Three weeks into the program I noticed a significant decrease in psoriasis and IBS symptoms-no itching, no bloating, no brain fog, and less hot flashes.  I am so happy to have food freedom!  Before this program, I was afraid to eat because I would have bloating, gas, and pain after a meal.  Today I can go out to eat at restaurants, parties, and gatherings with family and friends.  I can relax and stop worrying about where or when my immune system is going to attack.  Now I have data, knowledge, and tools to stop, reverse, and prevent further autoimmune attacks.  Before this program, I would never have thought to test my children for an autoimmune disease.  It turned out that both my children have autoimmune disease and my daughter tested positive for Hashimoto’s.  This program has allowed me to help not only myself but my entire family. 

This program embodies true healthcare.  It teaches you how to heal your body as a whole!

I am very grateful for Dr. Maggie Yu and her team! 

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