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Promoting Health and Wellness

Promoting Health and WellnessPromoting Health and Wellness



Tina G

“Since I started the Melt Method, I have been able to self-treat my neck and shoulder pain. The results started my first class. I exercise and walk to stay active. The Melt Method helps me relieve aches and pains after exercising, complimenting my exercise routine. I use the MELT method a couple hours before I go to bed and notice I am sleeping better. I really value being able to attend a class to learn proper techniques.” Tina G.

Wanda E

“I worked for 47 years and never left my desk resulting in a forward head and an upper back hump. I’ve been messed up for many years. After just a few MELT sessions, I can now move my neck and my posture has improved 99%. The breathing process makes a difference. Even a few minutes of MELT can make a positive change!”

Catherine O

“MELT is amazing! So many of my aches and pains are just melting away. No more stiff, sore neck. No more back pain in the morning when I get out of bed. Very little discomfort in my legs whereas I used to get cramps regularly. I am thoroughly pleased with my results. I do my hands, feet, and face most every morning. I use the roller about every other day in the evening. I still can’t believe how much it helps me.” 

Ellen S

“Self-care too often was pushed to the back burner. With the MELT balls I can take and use them anywhere which helps reduce the stiffness, redness, and pain in my hands as soon as it starts…What a Godsend at this late stage in life.”


I was introduced to MELT at a HAC workshop with Amanda over a year ago and felt the benefits both mentally and physically immediately but did not commit to the practice until recently. I pledged to  Amanda to complete a 30 day challenge after some reoccurring foot pain. The benefits are immediate and now I can definitely tell the difference now when I miss a day.
The more you practice the more efficient you are with the MELT process and a full body MELT  can be done in 12-15 minutes.
I think of it like going for a run  or practicing yoga in a tight pain of jeans- not very efficient.. MELT helps you take off those tight jeans and work your muscle and mind more effectively. I would recommend it to anybody who moves their body and wants to continue to!


Maureen M

"I try to do some MELT every day.  Recently I spent a very long day and evening being a host at a seminar.  I brought water with me but was too busy to stop and keep hydrated.  I did not have time to MELT. The next day I didn’t have much energy, my right shoulder was getting stiff and sore and I felt unfocused.  I did not do MELT other than the bunion treatment, which I do daily as it has been working what seems to be a miracle in reducing a bunion on my left foot.  The morning after that I had been planning to get a lot of yard work done but when I woke up there was a severe pain in my right shoulder and the joint was frozen. I was not able to move my arm at the joint at all. I decided to do some MELT and chose Maintenance Map 2; the soft ball foot treatment, rebalance sequence and it also works on lower body. When I was finished MELTing I got up from the mat and was amazed.  My shoulder was a little sore but the severe pain was gone and it was completely unfrozen!  I could move my arm freely.  I went outside and worked in the yard for a couple hours afterward completely forgetting that I had had an issue with my shoulder at all. 

Every time I MELT I feel some results.  Amanda is an excellent instructor and I am so grateful that she is sharing this important method of self care with us."

Franklin D

" I can feel the difference in my structure.  And also less back pain. Thanks for your help and support."